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I'm looking to create a multi-select dropdown listbox in GWT, but I'm not sure how to go about doing so. I'd like it to be similar to this:

Multi-select Dropdown Listbox

Any suggestions?

Should I take gwt ListBox code and adapt it to accept objects? Or should I forget their Listbox and try to make my own from scratch? Or should I go in a different direction completely? I'd really prefer not to include external libraries (like SmartGWT) if possible - I'm trying to stick with straight-up GWT.

Please advise.


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For anyone interested, I actually ended up rolling my own...

It's a TextBox with an Image next to it. And each of these has a ClickHandler that shows/hides a DecoratedPopupPanel positioned at (TextBox.left, TextBox.top + TextBox.height).

Seems to work alright for me - and I can put anything I want in it. Getting the Image to line up nicely with the Textbox is a little tricky in IE, but in FF it looks great. :)


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I'm planning a UI that also has a multi-select requirement.

I currently intend using a popup dialog following the List-Builder UI pattern, which can be easier to navigate than a multi-select drop-down list - particularly with long lists. It's simplicity means you'll only need to use a plain list, not a drop-down/combo.

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