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I've got a partial _searchresults.html.erb which has to be saved in UTF-8.

Then I've got some javaxript/AJAX code to render that partial:

<% # encoding: utf-8
$('#searchresults').html('<%= escape_javascript( render("shared/searchresults") ) %>'); 

Everytime I try to access the related page I get:

ActionView::Template::Error (invalid byte sequence in UTF-8):
1: <% # encoding: utf-8
2: %>
3: stopLoading();
4: $('#searchresults').html('<%= escape_javascript( render("shared/searchresults") ) %>');
app/views/searches/index.de.js.erb:4:in  `_app_views_searches_index_de_js_erb__423966875_35661432__279394272'

All of my files are encoded with UTF-8 and all relevant *.erb files have the # encoding: utf-8 magic comment.

Is there anything I can do about this?


I'm now trying to escape the js manually:

def my_js_escape( js )

  if( js )
    ret = js.force_encoding( 'utf-8' )

    ret.gsub!( /\\/u, '\\\\' )

    #ret.gsub!( /<\//u, '<\/' ).force_encoding( 'utf-8' )
    #ret.gsub!( /"/u, '\\"' ).force_encoding( 'utf-8' )
    #ret.gsub!( /'/u, "\\'" ).force_encoding( 'utf-8' )
    return ret

Ruby gives me the same error on every gsub call, even if I put .force_encoding on all the replacement strings.

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All these encoding issues since Ruby192 have been a pain in the butt.. Try doing this and see if it works:

4: $('#searchresults').html('<%= escape_javascript( render("shared/searchresults").force_encoding("utf-8") ) %>');

OK. So that was a fail train.. Check out this page.. It helped me fix a similar problem to the one you're looking at..


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Unfortunately, it doesn't -.- Still the same error –  DeX3 Apr 7 '11 at 10:40
Apologies DeX3, Try the above link instead. Let me know if it works –  2potatocakes Apr 7 '11 at 23:23
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I finally made it, not the prettiest solution, but I had to manually convert every string I wanted to display with:

def self.encode( string )
    unless string.nil?
        string.encoding == 'UTF-8'? string : string.force_encoding( 'utf-8');

thx, 2potatocakes your link helped

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