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I am trying to design a new application from scratch and need some examples of good architectures. Preferably database driven with web front ends and some business layer. I am thinking of doing this using python/django so anything using these technologies will be a plus.

The things that are different in this system that this system is meant for use by multiple companies. So there need to be multiple front ends for multiple companies using data from single database which has been isolated at the company level.

The data comes into the database from multiple sources e.g. from some other web services, other databases etc.

The system also needs to expose some of data and functionality as an API so that other clients can use to build on top of this system.

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I would check out Django's Wikipidia page which has some real life apps built on Django. I think that Review Board is a good example (I like using it, it has an API as well as a GUI, it is open source). You can clone it from git as explained on their downloads page. Then read the parts of the code that you are most curious about..

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If you use Python and Django the architecture is specified for you. The layering for a web app is well-understood and established: view->controller->service->model+persistence. What's left to be figured out? You aren't offering any new insights in your question. Why do you think this will be inadequate for your new application? How do its requirements differ from every other CRUD web app that's been created?

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Yes, you are right. I have edited the question to provide some more details. – gaurav Apr 6 '11 at 17:49
@guarav: The edit doesn't change the answer. Django is an architecture that's good. Please read the Django documentation. – S.Lott Apr 6 '11 at 19:14

Design/Architecture point of view. You to identify right component and assign right role.

There are following layers fior small web application.

  1. Presentation layer/UI layer where you only design webpages or render data
  2. Application layer - where you can process or implement the business logic.
  3. Database access layer where you implement connection and execution of queries to database.
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How about a service-oriented architecture built on REST?

Basically, you expose an API that permits resources to be manipulated via CRUD operations. Essentially, this provides over a network (such as the Internet) what a console app provides on a local PC: the opportunity for GUIs to be rolled separately.

Sinatra and Koa offer good starting points.

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