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How do you create a normal mode command which accepts a number as part of it? Examples include 6>> (indents 6 lines of text), 2dw (deletes 2 words), and 23yy (copies 23 lines to the copy buffer). Is there a way to do this using nmap or its ilk?

Specifically, I would like to create a mapping such that if I enter


in Normal mode, Vim will do

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  1. Use nnoremap, not nmap.
  2. Number supplied to last normal-mode command is accessible via v:count variable, so, for example, the following mapping will add supplied number to the buffer text number times:

    nnoremap ,a a<C-r>=v:count<CR><Esc>

    The reason why 20,a will add 20 20 times is because 20,a is rewritten as 20a<C-r>.... To avoid that you may use

    nnoremap ,a :<C-u>call feedkeys("a".v:count."\e", "n")<CR>

    . <C-u> will discard the count for the ex command but it is still accessible from v:count variable.

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You need to define your own operator, see:

:help :map-operator
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