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I have lots of experience with svn, some with git. What a good tl;dr for Perforce, to help me grok it?

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They have video tutorials here. When I used it a few years back it was very intuitive. If you are familiar with SVN and git you shouldn't have any problems.

Hm, sorry, this may be too time consuming an answer. I am sure others more familiar with this can provide a better answer.

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I think it's a good answer. p4 is very similar to svn. –  Noufal Ibrahim Apr 6 '11 at 18:12

The link posted by omerhuhammed is good - my only problem is that they are not listed in a good order if you are looking to get started. I would probably look at the following:

  • Basic SCM Operations in Perforce
  • Workspace Concepts and Setup in P4V

As the two basic starter videos. Additionally, they have a small getting started manual here, which describes the basics of client workspaces, syncing, and editing files. There is getting started manual for P4V (their GUI front end) here if you would rather use the GUI.

I don't know what your threshold is for tl;dr, but the above should cover the basics of what you need to know.

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