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I'm looking for ideas about data sources which have or could potentially be used. I'm not interested in pre-existing libraries or tools. Both annotated and unannotated data are of interest, for supervised or semi-supervised learning approaches respectively. References to academic papers is a plus, but not necessary. I'm open to all genres (e.g., news, blog, social) and domains (e.g., products, people, political), just state the relevance of the data.

I'm already aware of the MPQA corpus, which includes annotated news sources.


10/2013: Stanford's Sentiment Treebank as described here.

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Related question:… – John Lehmann Sep 27 '11 at 14:36
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Here you will find another annotated corpus -

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Pak and Paroubek describe how you can mine a sentiment analysis corpus from Twitter, which is of course a very popular target, plus a statistical characterization of the resulting corpus.

Bing Liu also lists some datasets.

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Thank you, this was helpful! – John Lehmann Apr 8 '11 at 3:22

The Brede neuroscience wiki's Sentiment Analysis page lists 5 corpora (currently), a large number of affective (e.g. positive/negative) word lists, and other resources.

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