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I'm working on some legacy code. I have a user control with a VtChart (VCI First Impression Library) in it and I'm trying to make changes to it, namely, adding another series to the control. However, every time I make changes to the control, close the form editor, then reopen it, the changes are gone.

I can't find any documentation on this control, so thought I'd ask the community, any ideas?

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Ah! Found my answer. Since VtChart is connected to a grid (F1Book), the SsLinkRange needs to correspond to the number of columns needed in the chart. For example, if you want 3 columns, SsLinkRange should be A1:C10, where A and C is the column range. If the SsLink properties don't match it won't save the settings.

This is an very obscure problem, but I'll post this answer anyways for archiving.

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