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New to Lua, trying to figure out how to do OOP using the middleclass library


require 'middleclass'
require 'Person'

local testPerson = Person:new("Sally"); //causes Runtime error: attempt to call method 'new' (a nil value)


module(..., package.seeall)
require 'middleclass'

Person = class('Person');
function Person:initialize(name)
  self.name = name;
  print("INITIALIZE: " .. self.name);

function Person:speak()
  print('Hi, I am ' .. self.name ..'.')

Why am I getting that error?

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First of all, the semicolons at the end of lines are not necessary and probably a bad habit for writing Lua code. Secondly, I changed require 'middleclass' to require 'middleclass.init' in both files and removed module(..., package.seeall). After that, the example code worked just fine on my machine with Lua 5.1.4.


require 'Person'

local testPerson = Person:new("Sally")


require 'middleclass.init'

Person = class('Person')

function Person:initialize(name)
  self.name = name
  print("INITIALIZE: " .. self.name)

function Person:speak()
  print('Hi, I am ' .. self.name ..'.')

You may be including the middleclass.lua file directly. It is not setup to work that way. The intention is to include middleclass/init.lua.

If you use the two files exactly as shown above and layout your files as shown below this will work.

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Now I get this - no file '/path/middleclass.init.lua'. To be clear, my project folder contains 4 files: main.lua, Person.lua, middleclass.lua, init.lua – sol Apr 6 '11 at 19:12
Either put middleclass.lua and init.lua in a subdirectory called middleclass or just require 'init'. – Judge Maygarden Apr 6 '11 at 19:13
ok, I put them in a subdirectory called middleclass and changed the requires to 'middleclass'. Obviously incorrect - module 'middleclass' not found:resource (middleclass.lu) does not exist in archive no field package.preload['middleclass'] – sol Apr 6 '11 at 19:18
You need to require middleclass.init as shown in the example above or add ?/init.lua to your search path. – Judge Maygarden Apr 6 '11 at 19:19
Thanks for trying to help me with this. I changed it to middleclass.init in both files. Now I get this: module 'middleclass.init' not found:resource (middleclass.init.lu) does not exist in archive no field package.preload['middleclass.init'] – sol Apr 6 '11 at 19:22

Answer by 'Judge' above is incorrect - there is no need to include "middleclass.init" and have the folder structure shown above.

As stated on the Github project wiki, you can simply download the license and 'middleclass.lua', place these files in your code directory, then simply do


Make sure you don't have a module declaration in a file using middleclass, i.e. don't have a


..for example.

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