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Is there a command I can put into a Windows XP .bat file to bring the command shell to the front?

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From a batch file, no. If you want to activate a window you have to use SetActiveWindow(). If you don't want to get dirty with windows programming but still want to activate windows and simple stuff like that, I highly recommend checking out Autoit. You could always call this program from your batchfile to have it do the task.

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nircmd will do this, though it involves a little scripting.

nircmd win activate "titleofwindow"

You basically need to know the title of the cmd window you are executing (you can set this via the TITLE command in windows)


nircmd win activate %SOME_UNIQUE_VALE%

should do the trick.

Note some malware tools make use of the NirCmd executable (it requires no deployment as is very powerful) this may cause you problems.

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nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html –  ryeguy Feb 17 '09 at 15:28
cheers - it's blocked on my net connection (hence the note) –  ShuggyCoUk Feb 17 '09 at 15:49

CMDOW is also useful for this and for other DOS programming tasks where a little added functionality is needed. Simple to use and well documented. Mind your anti-virus program, though - CMDOW has the ability to hide windows which your anti-virus program will pick up as a possible virus. Just add it to your exception list. CMDOW is completely portable, is definitely NOT a virus and if you have any concerns about it being used by a third party to hide something, simply tuck it away in some non obvious folder somewhere.

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