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Do you know some good tutorial to use XMLVM for convert android app to iphone app?? I was watch a movie on youtube about this cross but there is not a tutorial for this.

Thanks! Saar

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Does this help?


Sample projects

Under the folder demo, various demo projects exist, to test XMLVM system. This section will describe only iPhone and Android based demo projects. These demo projects can be run either from the command line, or from and IDE, such as Eclipse and Netbeans. The source code of the Java-for-the-iPhone demos is located in directory demo/iphone/, whereas the source code of the Android-to-iPhone demos are located in directory demo/android/.

These are self contained projects, similar with the ones created by the XMLVM skeleton process (see below under How to start a new project under XMLVM).


The example of cross-compilation include in the documentation consists on the following command:

xmlvm --in=/foo --target=android-on-iphone --iphone-app=TheApplication

where the directory /foo is searched recursively for *.class, *.exe, and *.xmlvm files, and then compiling using make to read the Makefile generated by xmlvm.

From http://www.xmlvm.org/documentation/manual.pdf (page 17):

2.2.3 Using Apple’s Xcode IDE

The Makefile generated by XMLVM can only compile and deploy the appli- cation on Apple’s emulator. Given the complexity of code signing that Apple requires for all native iPhone applications, you will need to use Xcode if a cross-compiled Java application is to be deployed on a device. The following steps explain the process of compiling an XMLVM-generated application using Xcode:

(list of instructions)

You will need XCode installed (there's a nice tutorial here: http://mobileorchard.com/how-to-make-iphone-apps-part-1-xcode-suite-and-objective-c-3/)

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I know this document but I dont understand something: after that I convert my project to Xcode, how can i run the emulator of iphone on this code? –  Beno Apr 7 '11 at 4:01
I don't really use this, but it looks like you cross-compile the project with the option --target=iphone and then compiled via make using Apple's SDK for the iPhone. So, make sure you have the iphone sdk installed before starting cross-compilations. I will add an example to the answer. –  Aleadam Apr 7 '11 at 4:24
I was try to compile with the command --target=android-on-iphone but I get error that the command unknown. so I compile with --target=-iphone so I get a directory with xcode what do do now?? –  Beno Apr 7 '11 at 14:47

You got iPhone folder with xcode proj and other staff, now, use that files copy them to Macintosh(or iHackintosh) and build iPhone app, in regular way...

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