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I need to write a very small, very simple h.264 encoder. I started with hello264 (the world's smallest h.264 encoder) and I'm starting to understand a few of the basics. I'm also trying to wade through the h.264 spec, but I'm finding it difficult to understand without examples. I've also got source code for x264 and ffmpeg, but that's a lot of code to wade through and I don't understand the principals of where to start. For example, I'm only looking to start with simple intra frame compression. Any advice on a good book, blog, article, document, etc. is appreciated.

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The best answer seems to be the book "The H.264 Advance Video Compression Standard", by Iain E. Richardson.

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I wrote this one, you may find it helpful to start from.


Apologies - I edited this now that I see you started with my encoder. I don't see a delete option....

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Ben, the example is great... I was curious if you ever made a super tiny h264 encoder using java? I was trying to convert yours but seemed to fail miserably as the "sizeof" function doesn't exist in java –  user198923 Jun 15 '12 at 18:14

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