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I'm currently writing some perl scripts to test one of our GUI applications. I'm using perl's Win32::GuiTest as a foundation, and it's pretty functional for the most part. However, I am now stuck trying to get data out of a grid control (not sure what the actual name of the widget is since this is supposed to be black-box testing). Using WinSpy++, I can see that it's class is "AfxWnd42s", whatever that means. I can get the window handle with this code:

# check that listed ports match the spec for this model
my @portgrids = FindWindowLike($win,undef,"AfxWnd42s");
if(not @portgrids){ die "can't find port grid"; }

    my $styles = GetWindowLong($_,Win32::GuiTest::GWL_STYLE());
    my $text = WMGetText($_);
    $wintext = GetWindowText($_);
    printf("static w=%x, s=$wintext, style=%x text=<<$text>>\n",$_,$styles);

Neither text, nor wintext contain any value, even though there is data in the grid control. I've tried a number of different options to GetWindowLong, but nothing seems to return anything about the contents of the grid. Also, The windows I'm scanning have no children. I'm stuck.

Unfortunately I don't have access to the code or the dev environment to build the application. I can only go by what WinSpy++ tells me about the window components.

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I've discovered that the actual component inherits from CUGCtrl, which is a third-party grid control. –  David Dombrowsky Apr 6 '11 at 20:01
Not a good sign. According to this, it's impossible: mombu.com/microsoft/windows-programmer-win32/… –  David Dombrowsky Apr 6 '11 at 20:08

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