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I'm struggling to create a Hibernate criteria query that uses setFetchMode(... SELECT) and places a restriction on the returned child records. If I use a creteAlias as recommended it produces an inner join thereby making accurate pagination all but impossible.

The code would be like:-

Criteria criteria = this.getSession().createCriteria(Mother.class);
// .createAlias("children", "childrenAlias") had to remove
.add(Restrictions.eq("childAge", "5")) // how do I reference childAge?
.setFetchMode("children", FetchMode.SELECT);
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God knows where I was at when I posted this. Thought I'd post the answer to tidy up.

The code I was missing was the following:-

Criterion child = Restrictions.eq("childAlias.childName", "Albert");
criteria.createAlias("childeren", "childAlias", CriteriaSpecification.INNER_JOIN);
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