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hello I recently started using Resource editor and I have a question:I 'm trying to create a simple project just for test purposes in Resource Editor:nothing special just a Label with a hello world, but when I push "create Netbeans project" while all the projects(JavaSE,MIDP ,RIM) are created none of them are running. In normal JaVA I just get a black screen and in MIDP emulator I get a message saying "This application runs in the background".

My StateMachineBase code is this

public class StateMachineBase {
    public StateMachineBase(String s) {}

And My StateMachine code is this:

public StateMachine(String resFile) {
    // do not modify, write code in initVars and initialize class members there,
    // the constructor might be invoked too late due to race conditions that might occur

 * this method should be used to initialize variables instead of
 * the constructor/class scope to avoid race conditions
protected void initVars() {

So I'm guessing my prgramm obviously won't do anything since there is no code. What am I doing wrong? From my understanding StateMachineBase should have all the boiler code.I'm using Netbeans 6.9.1 ,Lwuit latest version and JavaME SDK 3.0 and Nokia S60 SDK.

Thank you.

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Well I shall answer my own post. Randomly I found out that if you save the res file and reopen it then it works fine. This was confirmed by Shai Almog in his blog saying that this is a bug that will be fixed in the next release.

Shai's answer to my post

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