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Part of the existing system at work uses jBPM, and a new module I need to put together needs it. However, I have no idea where to start on learning how to work with it.

I have access to JBoss 4 on the server, and whatever I'd need to do local development. I have no experience with anything JBoss, whether it be the server, jBPM, etc.

The only thing similar to a tutorial I can find is the user manual, which seems to assume that you have a working knowledge of a lot more than I do to be able to put it to use. I've also never used Ant (aside from running some pre-made build scripts from within an IDE) or JHibernate, which both seem to be important for me to understand it.

I'm being given about a week to learn everything I can about it.

What would be a good starting point, either a book or a website, for me to learn how to use JBoss and co.?

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You can read jBPM Developer Guide by Mauricio Salatino . Well written book for JBPM 3.2.
For JBPM 4.4, you can read Spring Enterprise Recipe, just one chapter for JBPM 4.4 there.

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You could go to a jBPM training by Red Hat, that will teach you more or less everything in 3(?) days.

Otherwise the project home page has a very comprehensive User Guide that should get you started (you may already know this, as I understand from your question). Browse around the jBPM home page, wiki and forums to get a feel for it.

Of course the jBPM guide will not explian how to use ant of Hibernate. But then you don't need Hibernate (knowledge) to get started with jBPM.

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Do you have any experience with jBPM training by Red Hat? – svlada Jan 29 '13 at 10:44
I did take such a training around 7 years ago and found it very good at that time. Of course this is does not tell anything about todays trainings. – Heiko Rupp Jan 29 '13 at 13:36
Did training covered more advanced topic or basic ones? I am interested in best practices, how to's from real projects, experiences etc. Basics topics can be read in documentation. – svlada Jan 29 '13 at 14:46
I don't recall - and even if I did, I doubt it would be still applicable 7 years later. – Heiko Rupp Jan 29 '13 at 15:34

Well you can go through userguide available on Jboss


Also you can refer to various blogs written by various authors like




i hope that this links are helpful to you.

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May be the following links help you to start with

http://www.jorambarrez.be/blog/ [This is specially very good, from one of the best jbpm authors]


For advanced spring integration related article:



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