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We are all aware that the iFrame CSS height can not be specified as 100% and there is no way to have the iFrame auto expand for the height. I have some old ASP.NET WebForms pages I am enclosing in an iFrame within a MVC3 environment for various reasons.....I prefer not to use iFrames.....however the situation here is warranted....(a long story).

Because I am using the iFrame I need to obtain the body tag scrollHeight value whenever the enclosed web page is changed....and pass this up to the parent iFrame....and then change the iFrame height with the exact value.

The code for this is as follows...

var iframeBody = $("iframe[id='_soc_layout_iframe']").contents().find('body');
if (iframeBody.length > 0) {
    if ($.browser.msie == true) {
        var scrollHeight = iframeBody[0].scrollHeight;
        var heightPlusPadding = scrollHeight + 25;
        $("iframe[id='_soc_layout_iframe']").css('height', heightPlusPadding.toString());

Problem is the scrollHeight within FireFox and other browsers is not the full content height as is the case with IE. Can you suggest a workaround for non-IE browsers ?

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Why are you using the attribute selector here: $("iframe[id='_soc_layout_iframe']")? Can't you just do $('#_soc_layout_iframe')? –  Blender Apr 6 '11 at 20:34

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Firefox behaves thus; Floating something takes it out of the flow, so therefore it's no longer 'contained'. If you contain your page within <div id="wrapper> and style it thus

#wrapper { overflow: auto; } 

you'll find scrollHeight works the way you want it to.

Kudos to scrollHeight property in FireFox which helped me get there.

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