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I'm trying to create some Functional tests for a Django app that uses South migrations.
Eventually, I will also be creating Twill tests.

When I try to run the existing tests, the test database is not created successfully because of a problem with the South migrations. ( Fails @ 7th of 58 migrations )

It would seem that for the purpose of testing, it's better to build the test database from the Django models, like a syncdb would, than from South.

How do I set up the Django test suite to build the test database from the current model vs. trying to use South?

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But... but your test is failing? What if someone needs to upgrade from your migrations? They can't. Can't you fix the migrations? –  Lego Stormtroopr Nov 20 at 23:11

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The South setting SOUTH_TESTS_MIGRATE controls this behaviour.

Add this line to your settings.py file:

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Don't you love it when you find an unexpected problem but then the developers already thought of it and included an easy fix? –  oneloop Jan 15 at 16:03

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