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I have a perl object (blessed reference to hash) like this.

sub funcname {
  #some code

my $o = My::Class->new();
$o->{internal_data} = \&funcname; #I know it is not nice

At other place somewhere in XS code where I have $o reference I need to get the value of $o->{internal_data}.

/* at some point in XS code */
SV *obj = ... /* $o value passed to a XS function */
SV *func;
/* here I do not know how to load $o->{internal_data} value into func */

There is perhaps some chapter in perl(api|xstut|guts|???). I just was not able to find it.

Thanks in advance for any hint.

-- kmx

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SvRV will get you the hash (as an SV*) from the reference, MUTABLE_HV will cast it to a an HV*, hv_fetch/hv_fetchs will fetch from the hash.

SV*  obj;
HV*  obj_hash;
SV** callback_ptr;
SV*  callback;

obj = ...;
obj_hash = MUTABLE_HV(SvRV(obj));
callback_ptr = hv_fetchs(obj_hash, "internal_data", 0);
if (!callback_ptr)
callback = *callback_ptr;

Update: Now with codey goodness.

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Thanks a lot MUTABLE_HV did the trick –  kmx Apr 6 '11 at 21:57
@kmx, MUTABLE_HV(sv) is basically (HV*)sv, except it's safer since it'll issue an error for const SV* const_sv; MUTABLE_HV(const_sv). –  ikegami Apr 7 '11 at 6:09
@kmx, keep in mind that AsV and HVs are "subclasses" of SVs. –  ikegami Apr 7 '11 at 6:10

If you are using "standard" objects, it is underlyingly just a hash, so you can use the HV methods. See e.g. http://perldoc.perl.org/perlguts.html#Working-with-HVs (actually, the whole perlguts page would be good reading for this...)

Your SV * to the object is a reference, so you can use SvRV to "dereference" it, casting it to an HV to pass to the hv_xxx functions (e.g. hv_fetch).

Best of luck!

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