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I have the following jquery snippets (used with each to iterate over a table of results):


I use this to access $firstvalue and $secondvalue:

<tr class='foo'>
<td class='bar'><span class='first_baz'>".$firstvalue."</span><span class='second_baz'>".$secondvalue."</span></td>

This works but is it efficient? I suspect there is a better way to access these values... what is it?

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If the first_baz and second_baz elements are just with in the table and no where else in the page then you can skip the children function use the following snippet:


If the above case doesn't hold good then you can shorten the statements to

var parent = $('.foo'); //Get the parent context so that its not queried twice
$('.first_baz', parent).text(); 
$('.second_baz', parent).text(); 
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there are a number of instances each of those classes so I am reliant on $(this), given that your second example was perfect. I already had $(this) assigned to self so $('.first_baz', self).text(); works perfectly. Using the context is quite efficient. Thanks! – Lothar Apr 7 '11 at 5:37

You could cache all the .bar.

var bar = $('.foo').children('.bar')
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I haven't tried but this should be more efficient.

$('.foo .bar .first_baz').text();
$('.foo .bar .second_baz').text();
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It isn't. Sizzle works right to left and has optimizations for ID and element selectors. The order of the class selections or combination thereof, I predict, would have no impact on performance, and if it does, it'll be a negative one.… – Adam Terlson Apr 6 '11 at 21:20

if you don't need the parent structure, or

$(' > > span.first_baz').text()

if you do.

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