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I am running Mac OS X 10.5 and I using eclipse to code my java projects. Eclipse has been running fine until today when I suddenly get the error when I try to run my

An internal error occurred during: "Launching Main".

I installed Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 4 from this page earlier today so I was wondering if that might caused a problem. I have tired reinstalling eclipse (latest version) and find people with similar problems online but have not managed to resolve it. I was wondering if anyone have any idea for a fix?


I first tried to clean up the project through eclipse but this did not work. I then entered the workspace file and removed the already compiled classes, figured it might have to do something with that but that didnt help either. I started a new workspace with a new project and i get the same error.

I then tried to add my owm JRE file manually. What i interesting though is that there is no 1.6.0/Home in the versions folder. But since 1.5.0 did not seem to be added in eclipse I added this from the Versions/1.5.0/Home but I still get the same error. This is starting to become really annoying since I use eclipse atleast 4 hours a day in school.

Maybe my whole java got messed up after the installation of the new Java SE 6? If so how do i revert to only 1.5.0_

Thank you for your replies!

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you can not run you should run the Main class rather. – asgs Apr 6 '11 at 21:19
I doubt that is what he means... in eclipse you can click on the java file and tell eclipse to run it. – Justin Waugh Apr 6 '11 at 21:21

I suspect your JRE install location has changed due to the update. Go to Window > Preferences > Installed JREs and add a new default JRE that points to your updated Java. Then eclipse will rebuild all projects and hopefully, things should be fine again.

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Clean your project. This error means that there is a missing .class that was there during compilation.

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