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I'm using this code:


But i'm unsure as to how to get it to run that code on my NSString from somewhere else.

How do i use return here?

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Create two files

NSString+meltutils.h and NSString+meltutils.m

Put the content from the post into the respective files. Then in your program add this to the top of the file:

"#import “NSString+meltutils.h” // no quotes

Then somewhere in your program do this:

UIColor *aColorStr = [@"yourStringHere" toUIColor];

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Look in the comments on that post.

He creates a category for NSString. This essentially adds methods to NSString (kinda like monkey patching in Ruby).

Once you do that, you can take an NSString that has a hexcolor string value and call toUIColor and receive a UIColor object.

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