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I need to tell, whether video cannot be played ("x" sign is shown in browser).

This code does't works. "onerror" event will never be fired under Firefox

var v = document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0];
    if ( v != undefined )
        v.onerror = function(e) {
            if ( v.networkState == v.NETWORK_NO_SOURCE )
                // handle error

What's wrong here ?

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"onerror" is not a valid event type for <video>

Use "error" instead.

getElementByTagName('video')[0].addEventListener('error', function(event) { ... }, true);

For a complete list of events for <video> go here: https://developer.mozilla.org/En/Using_audio_and_video_in_Firefox

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Try adding the event listener to the tag instead - I think the onerror attribute ("error" event) works on the source tag now, not the video tag.

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Do you happen to know where to bind it to in FireFox as well? I'm trying to catch a video that doesn't play (404 or wrong format), in Chrome no problem, but FireFox refuses to give me control over the errors... –  patrick Jun 6 at 13:47

To catch error event, you should use video.addEventListner():

var video = document.createElement('video');
var onError = function() { // your handler};
video.addEventListener('error', onError, true);
// remove listener eventually
video.removeEventListener('error', onError, true);

Note that the 3rd parameter of addEventListener (on capture) should be set to true. Error event is typically fired from descendatns of video element ( tags).

Anyway, relying on video tag to fire an error event is not the best strategy to detect if video has played. This event is not fired on some android and iOS devices.

The most reliable method, I can think of, is to listen to timeupdate and ended events. If video was playing, you'll get at least 3 timeupdate events. In the case of error, ended will be triggered more reliably than error.

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