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Where can I find themes for jQuery Mobile (JQM) that go beyond the packaged five themes & color variations of them?

Either cross device or device specific ones, for example

  • iphone / apple style
  • android specific

What is the effort to re-purpose for example the jQTouch apple theme?

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You can use the ThemeRoller for jQuery Mobile to easily create your own theme.

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ThemeRoller for jQuery Mobile is out now. You might want to update your answer. –  Nathan Osman Feb 17 '12 at 4:01

Use iOS-inspired theme for jQuery Mobile.

You can get here:


git clone git://github.com/taitems/iOS-Inspired-jQuery-Mobile-Theme.git

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To complete the answers you can find an android inspired jQuery Mobile design here:


Comes with dark/light and 5 colors.

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