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I have found out that the reason my live IPN callback is failing is due to the secondary custom address line being placed on a new line thanks to the character %0A.

Now I found a forum post about this saying to use preg_replace() after the urlencode() to fix it.

Whilst my logs no longer show the second part of the address on a new line, I am still getting Failed responses.

Sandbox IPN test works 100% fine btw!

Here is my recent failed response:

[04/06/2011 9:50 PM] - FAIL: IPN Validation Failed.
IPN POST Vars from Paypal:
mc_gross=0.01, protection_eligibility=Partially+Eligible+-+INR+Only, address_status=unconfirmed, payer_id=9K77MVZTDM594, tax=0.00, address_street=XXX+XXXXXX+XXXX%0D%0AXXXXXXXXX, payment_date=14%3A49%3A54+Apr+06%2C+2011+PDT, payment_status=Completed, charset=windows-1252, address_zip=XXX+XXX, first_name=XXXX, mc_fee=0.01, address_country_code=GB, address_name=XXXX+XXXXXXX, notify_version=3.1, custom=1234567890, payer_status=verified, business=XXXX%40XXXXXXXXXX.org.uk, address_country=United+Kingdom, address_city=XXXXXXXXX, quantity=1, verify_sign=ApKghSivOFtm6Gk7Iqy6QZvljWTIAYIpfc-Ew7d1VnZBDsFqcj5EugKu, payer_email=XXXXXXXX%40gmail.com, txn_id=4P917406R68516736, payment_type=instant, last_name=XXXXXXX, address_state=XXXXXXXXXX, receiver_email=XXXX%40XXXXXXXXXX.org.uk, payment_fee=, receiver_id=V4BXQHT3VGZNA, txn_type=web_accept, item_name=Property+Name+Here, mc_currency=GBP, item_number=1234, residence_country=GB, handling_amount=0.00, transaction_subject=1234567890, payment_gross=, shipping=0.00, 
IPN Response from Paypal Server:
 HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2011 21:50:05 GMT
Server: Apache
Set-Cookie: c9MWDuvPtT9GIMyPc3jwol1VSlO=JxDUosn1BGy-BGZ8_loF9qdJB8p0zaq4ygql2vv-wr6gZhUyoUobb_raRpEtxg2Lt2_AIAFJO0HTQnbcKkUfv4baA1xeGgPSvAIPqRmviBEpCrtoMjQpxXdVXiOau5FloCtrn0%7cg-VIk7zlxsbY7FvV2g4tHq21VEFKmgQkvHlx7GybNRPg0IZ7rqEa0EjIj1J80sJxIxtqVm%7c_M2zQAKDYSInX-d1c_mggK-Q3a9OM9NjrmWB77K3EL2gTV6y1NwnlSiFczF6HT64jNSV8G%7c1302126606; domain=.paypal.com; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
Set-Cookie: cookie_check=yes; expires=Sat, 03-Apr-2021 21:50:06 GMT; domain=.paypal.com; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
Set-Cookie: navcmd=_notify-validate; domain=.paypal.com; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
Set-Cookie: navlns=0.0; expires=Tue, 01-Apr-2031 21:50:06 GMT; domain=.paypal.com; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
Set-Cookie: Apache=; path=/; expires=Tue, 21-Feb-05 15:21:49 GMT
Connection: close
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8


(X's simply replace sensitive information)

Notice how @'s now show as %04?

Why would a Sandbox IPN work, and not this one? (maybe because sandbox doesn't have that secondary address line at all?)

This is my updated code with the preg_replace()

$value = str_replace("\n", "\r\n", $value);
$value = urlencode(stripslashes($value));
$value = preg_replace('/(.*[^%^0^D])(%0A)(.*)/i','${1}%0D%0A${3}',$value);// IPN fix
$this->ipn_data[$field] = $value;
$post_string .= $field.'='.$value.'&';
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As a note, the sandbox servers are different servers, while designed to operate as closely as possible with the live servers it's not unforeseeable that there's small discrepancies in the way they handle htmlencoded bits. Although it's still unlikely, it's just something to note. – Aren Apr 7 '11 at 0:40
Silly question check - are you sure you're posting to the correct URL? – Basic Apr 8 '12 at 14:59

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