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I'd like to improve my programming skills, especially the readability of my source codes, and, why not, to give a little contribution to some open source or Linux-related projects. I'm studying C, and I'm interested in practical development problems and electronics problems, but I need to make a lot of experience. Is there any project you know that I could join?

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It would be good if you can let us know what kind of software and what kind of technology you are interested in. Then we can give you some pointers. :-) – TimothyC Feb 18 '09 at 8:28
Well, I'm interested in any kind of technology, except web-based ones. – user67394 Feb 18 '09 at 10:56
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You could find a lot of interesting projects all around web. One wepage that is excelent is There, you can find projects that may interest you, I am sure about that ;)

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If you are a student, check out also the Google Summer of Code programme; you could make experience and even get paid for it! This year's edition is starting soon.

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I'd recommend to read code before writing it. If you want to learn C and are confident with Linux, why not download the kernel source code and dive into it? Not 100% of the code you'll see is written with good practices in mind but you should see how things are going on.

If it's too huge, try a smaller open source project. Then, when you're familiar with it, and wanna improve it, just send a mail to the project coordinator!

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Why don't you take up developing device drivers for linux...say for a particular USB device etc. The community can surely use help there, and it will be close to your interest in electronics.

I would suggest write a GPS driver for linux. I don't know if there is any existing one but if you are keen on gaining experience why not try the entire gamut of software development including setting up a code base.

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