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I read a file that has utf8 characters like this:

FILE *FileIN,*FileOUT;
char string[600];
WideChar C[600],S[100];
wcscpy(C,UTF8Decode(string).c_bstr()); // widechar copy

And it reads it perfectly (this is shown in the Editbox when running the program):


Result ===> "3021";"亜";"7";"ア アシア つ.ぐ T1 や つぎ つぐ"

The thing is that when I want to write this on a file:


Result ===> "3021";"?";"7";"? ??? ?.? T1 ? ?? ??"

The question is, how do I write the result (the one i can see in the program running) in a file?

I use C language on CodeGear C++Builder

Resolved thanks to Christoph and nobugz for the help

I changed this line


to this one and it worked. Thanks

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I don't know the framework, but if you use UTF8Decode() after reading the file, shouldn't you use UTF8Encode() before writing?

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thanks for your answer –  Nek Feb 17 '09 at 16:08

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