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As far as i know a trackback it's a recognised standard ping for a custom URL, right?

so, according to this how can i retrieve how many trackbacks for http://example.com/article/22/name-article ?? and the URL of those 'trackbacks' ?

I never worked with those before, if posible i'd like to know howto in PHP or, if posible, in js,

any tip or clue would be wellcome

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You must define an entry point, in all your pages, that will recieve all the trackback requests. The Trackback specification do it like this:

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#"
        dc:title="Foo Bar"
        trackback:ping="http://www.foo.com/tb.cgi/5" />

Where <rdf:RDF></rdf:RDF> is where you declare that this page uses Trackbacks and the parameters inside <rdf:Description /> are specific to your page. dc:identifier is your exact page URL and trackback:ping is the Trackback entry point.

There is no way in JS, as a client side language, to store the trackback count for each page, so the trackback:ping should be a PHP script that check the title from the request query and store it somewhere (DB, file, log...)

I made this VERY simplified Trackback entry point:

    $theUrl = $_GET['url'];
    if (!$theUrl) {
    $theUrl = Sanitize::clean($theUrl, SQL) // Your anti-SQL injection method
    $theId = getIdFromUrl($theUrl);

And, last but not least, is important to bear in mind that Trackback protocol is very prone to SPAM, as this answer states: Trackbacks in PHP

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