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Is there any way to kill an Eclipse background operation without killing Eclipse itself?

Specifically, I want to kill stalled Subclipse SVN operations. Clicking 'cancel' pops up a little Cancel Requested message, but the operation still sits there forever blocking everything else.

This is Eclipse Helios on Windows 7 if that makes any difference.

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Killing the task from the Progress window (Window->Show View->Other|General->Progress or Alt+Shift+Q, Q | General->Progress).

Then choose the offending thread and click the red square.

Note it sometimes takes a delay before the kill occur, you may also have to kill other thread in there to get what you want. Lastly it does not always work, if this fails I usually just restart eclipse.

Hope this helps

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Cheers, but that's what I'm doing - it just says Cancel Requested until I give up and kill Eclipse :( – Rob Agar Apr 7 '11 at 1:44
yeah, not all plugins are developed equally. I am stuck using the TFS eclipse plugin and often times it just get stuck on a file on a modal commit dialog with the cancel greyed out.... Perhaps using a different SVN plugin would be of service. – Newtopian Apr 7 '11 at 5:38
FWIW: Switching to another SVN extension probably won't help. I've seen the same problem with Subversive. Subclipse is much better, of course. I suspect it's not a problem with the extensions. It's something to do with Eclipse itself. – L S Oct 27 '11 at 19:42
yes, it does not always work and the problem is indeed not limited to a specif SVN plugin or to SVN at all. Many plugins will have this defect, some even go as far as creating a modal window with the cancel button grayed out ... sight... Much like society in general not all plugins know their place. – Newtopian Oct 28 '11 at 7:29

I was able to stop/terminate the hanging SVN commit process by briefly disconnecting the network adapter. This saved me from killing the Eclipse process, which if not terminated gracefully is known to cause other headaches.

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:P nice way to get the job done, pull the plug! – redDevil Feb 19 at 9:31

I'm not sure, but from the Debug perspective, you may be able to view the thread that's performing the background operation and kill it from there for quicker exit.

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I had a problem where the external compiler I was using froze up when I tried to cancel the build operation. It was stuck in the "Cancel Requested" state. I went to the Windows Task Manager and found my compiler process and terminated it. That allowed Eclipse to continue and successfully cancel the operation.

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If you go to window Progress in Eclipse and click red square to Stop:

Stopping Wildfly 9.x

and next, red square becomes gray square and process i frozen (Cancel Requested):

eStopping Wildfly 9.x Cancel Requested

You must use Task Manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del on Windows) for kill process. Go to tab Processes, find process javaw.exe* and click End Process.

The result: frozen process in Eclipse was closed but your Eclipse wasn't closed.

* Process with name javaw.exe is for WildFly server. For Subclipse SVN can be another name of proces.

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