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I saw other posts about the error:

Unknown class MyOldClass in Interface Builder file.

It happened to me when i deleted "MyOldClass" and added a new class for the nib's file owner. I also made sure 'MyOldClass' was not in the targets and my new class was. I also tried going to Build->Clean All Targets. I still get that error. How does xcode still have reference to MyOldClass?

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Interface Builder files are just XML, so if you're sure you checked every outlet and object in your file, you can always try using grep to see if there's a reference hanging around:

$ grep "MyOldClass" MyIBFile.xib

I'd be careful modifying the text of this file, though. Make sure you can revert your changes if necessary.

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if it's in vc and xml, then edit away. i have done this before without issue. ibtool may also apply this change. – justin Apr 7 '11 at 4:29

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