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I am trying to update one column for any number of rows.

Here is the function:

public void setAwardsSyncComplete(String[] ids) {

    String inArray = StringUtils.separateCommas(ids);

    try {
        ContentValues contentValues = new ContentValues();
        contentValues.put(COL_SYNCED, true);

        int rowsAffected = db.update(TABLE, contentValues, COL_ID + " IN (" + inArray + ")", null);

    } catch (Exception e) {

        DebugLog.e("Error in transaction", e.toString());
    } finally {


What is strange is that the rowsAffected returns correctly (i.e. rowsAffected > 0), but the column values remain null.

Am I overlooking something very simple here?


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As you're using transactions, you need to call db.setTransactionSuccessful(); at the end of the try clause. Without this, the update gets rolled back.

See SQLiteDatabase.beginTransaction

Hope this helps,

Phil Lello

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How silly of me! Thank you! –  pjama Apr 7 '11 at 2:38

You need to call db.setTransactionSuccussful() after db.update otherwise any changes will be rolled back when you call endTransaction().

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there's no explicit boolean type in sqlite tables? what data type is the COL_SYNED column you are trying to update?

and you will need to call db.setTransactionSuccussful()

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I think there is a problem on your update..

You need to loop your array and update each one by one..

    private int _rowsAffected;

    foreach (var a in inArray)

    _rowsAffected= db.update(TABLE, contentValues, COL_ID + " = (" + a +")", null);



if(_rowsAffected > 0)


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