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I have wrote a shared My program P will dynamic load (uses dlopen, dlsym...).

Here's my problem:

In, I have to use functions (such as fun1()) in a static libB.a, but libB.a is not compiled with -fPIC, and I can't recompile libB.a, so I can't link libB.a into

I have tried link libB.a into P (with -Wl,--whole-archive), in order to let dynamic loader link fun1() into when it is loaded. However, that doesn't work. And I'm pretty sure that fun1() is in P (I checked it with: nm P | grep "fun1").

How can I do?

Thanks in advance!

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Error message: P: symbol lookup error: ./mylib/ undefined symbol: fun1 and nm output: nm P | grep "fun1" 0000000000510f76 T fun1 – iCoder Apr 7 '11 at 2:43
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If you want to link libB.a into P, so that the functions are available to when it is loaded by P, you need to compile P with the -rdynamic option.

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