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What I'm trying to do is pass an object (class) into a function constructor. The code essentially looks like this:

Most of my code is here

I get an error that says

Error: Declaration is incomparable with 'void Champion::setPrimary( prime)" (declared in champion.h)"

I'm not sure what this means but I know it's possible to pass an object of a class into a function via parameter. What am I doing wrong? to be a little bit more clear i would like to know what the error means. and as far as i know everything declared as is. take a look and give me some ideas as to what might be the problem and HOPEFULLY I'm not stupid and have one small typo! Thanks!

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Can you show us the declaration of the method? – Bernhard Apr 7 '11 at 3:04
Maybe you should check how the setPrimary() is declared in the champion.h. – RollingBoy Apr 7 '11 at 3:05

Dumb question, but are these all in one file? If not, does champion.cpp (or whatever it's called) have a reference to the Primary class, via #include "primary.h"?


Okay, what you've shown so far compiles if I do a quick reconstruction. One immediate thing I see is in the last chunk of code you have there:

void Champion::setPrimary(Primary prime1)
   prime = prime1

Where is prime defined? The only field I see right now is type, which is an int.

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they are in separate files and yes i do have a reference to Primary class via #include "Primary.h" – Zieklecknerizer Apr 7 '11 at 3:23

There is nothing wrong in the source code that you have shown here which will give the error you mentioned. So probably, you missed out something while copy pasting the code here. The error suggests that there is mis-match in the declaration for function Champion::setPrimary Probably yo should check if its declaration exactly matches the definition in your code or else If you can use codepad and post a sample of your code which actually gives a error, We can help you better.

There are a few points to note in the code above:

  1. prime being used inside the Champion::setPrimary is not declared inside the class Champion. Probably since you copy pasted the code maybe that section got left out.
  2. class Primary declares its constructor as Private, From the code pasted here it not sure that is intentional(don't see you using Singleton) or just amistake.
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