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By now, everyone knows that Linq-to-SQL does not natively support multiple table inheritance (a.k.a., table-per-subtype) and that you can use other ORM frameworks such as the Entity Framework, NHibernate, etc. instead if you want native support for multiple table inheritance (reference the SO question "Multiple Inheritance in LINQtoSQL" if you have any doubts).

However, supposing that you did want to use (or were limited to use) Linq-to-SQL as your ORM layer, has anyone identified a simple and straight-forward design strategy for simulating multiple table inheritance in Linq-to-SQL projects so that client code can be written against the Linq-to-SQL layer using a natural, object-oriented API?

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Linq-to-Sql is not a ORM, it's just responsible to translate ExpressionTrees in SQL –  sam Feb 17 at 14:40
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