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AR  = ar
LIBMISC = libapue_db.a
COMM_OBJ   = db.o
RANLIB     = ranlib

all: ${LIBMISC} t4

libapue_db.a:   ${COMM_OBJ}
        ${AR} rv ${LIBMISC} ${COMM_OBJ}
        ${RANLIB} ${LIBMISC}

What does ar rv mean? I just know ar is a command and rv is an option. What is ranlib? thank u.

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Please use a descriptive title for your question. – reinierpost Apr 11 '11 at 9:05
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FWIW, I recommend checking man pages first for this sort of information.

ranlib is a program that builds the index in a static library archive. The line with ${AR} says add to ${LIBMISC} all of the objects that ${COMM_OBJ} expands to, replacing (r) any existing objects with that name. The v option asks for verbose output.

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thank you Dava. Yes,I checked GNU make manual but so much information.Cannot pick it up. Thank you!. – Josh Morrison Apr 7 '11 at 5:16

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