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consider, im currently now in c:\ganesh\doc in command prompt

i wish to navigate to d:\windows\movie

how to do it in command prompt???

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I prefer to use

pushd d:\windows\movie

because it requires no switches yet the working directory will change to the correct drive and path in one step.

Added plus:

  • also works with UNC paths if an unused drive letter is available for automatic drive mapping,
  • easy to go back to the previous working directory: just enter popd.
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In MS-DOS COMMAND.COM shell, you have to use:


cd \windows\movie

If by chance you actually meant "Windows command prompt" (which is not MS-DOS and not DOS at all), then you can use cd /d d:\windows\movie.

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it doesnot work !! telling as syntax incorrect – ganesh Apr 7 '11 at 9:12

Just use the change directory (cd) command.

cd d:\windows\movie
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Navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer, highlight the complete folder path in the top pane and type "cmd" - voila!

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When I open a "DOS" command prompt, I use a batch file which sets all of the options I need and adds my old-time dos utilities to the path too.

@set path=%path%;c:\utils
@doskey cd=cd/d $*
@cd \wip

The doskey line sets the CD command so that it will do both drive and folder simultaneously. If this doesn't work, it is possibly because of the version of windows that you're running.

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First change your drive by entering:


Then enter:

cd d:\windows\movie
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