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I was wondering the difference between a JMS Queue and JMS Topic.

From the ActiveMQ page, it says


In JMS a Topic implements publish and subscribe semantics. When you publish a message it goes to all the subscribers who are interested - so zero to many subscribers will receive a copy of the message. Only subscribers who had an active subscription at the time the broker receives the message will get a copy of the message.


A JMS Queue implements load balancer semantics. A single message will be received by exactly one consumer. If there are no consumers available at the time the message is sent it will be kept until a consumer is available that can process the message. If a consumer receives a message and does not acknowledge it before closing then the message will be redelivered to another consumer. A queue can have many consumers with messages load balanced across the available consumers.

I am looking to have a 'thing' that will send a copy of the message to each subscriber in the same sequence as that in which the message was received by the ActiveMQ broker.

Any thoughts?

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That means a topic is appropriate. A queue means a message goes to one and only one possible subscriber. A topic goes to each and every subscriber.

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Any idea how does the load balancing work for the Queues in JMS or WSO2 MB ? – Kulasangar Apr 18 at 16:36

Topics are for the publisher-subscriber model, while queues are for point-to-point.

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As for the order preservation, see this ActiveMQ page. In short: order is preserved for single consumers, but with multiple consumers order of delivery is not guaranteed.

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If you have N consumers then:

JMS Topics deliver messages to N of N JMS Queues deliver messages to 1 of N

You said you are "looking to have a 'thing' that will send a copy of the message to each subscriber in the same sequence as that in which the message was received by the ActiveMQ broker."

So you want to use a Topic in order that all N subscribers get a copy of the message.

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Queue is JMS managed object used for holding messages waiting for subscribers to consume. When all subscribers consumed the message , message will be removed from queue.

Topic is that all subscribers to a topic receive the same message when the message is published.

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Queue messages will only be consumed once by a single consumer, that's why a queue implements a load balancer. Topic subscriptions can be durable: the subscriber can receive the message long after publication (if the subscriber was shut down and comes up again, for instance). – Gruber Aug 17 '15 at 9:16

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