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I am using the following code for a select menu in my rails app


@discount_options = {'% Off' => 'percent', '$ Off' => 'dollar', '$ For' => 'flat', 'Free with Purchase Of' => 'bonus', 'Buy One Get One Free' => 'bogo' }

View (within a form_for)

<%= f.select :discount, options_for_select(@frugle_discount_options) %>

This works just fine when creating a new record. If I come back to edit this record, it always ends up defaulting to the first one "% Off"

I find it surprisingly hard to find good documentation online about select menus.. can someone help me out?


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I'm not sure why it doesn't work, because it looks to me like what you wrote should be OK. I would point out that, unless you're in Ruby 1.9.x, hashes are not guaranteed to return items in any particular order, so you should probably use a nested array for your options instead of a hash. [['% Off', 'percent'], ['$ Off', 'dollar'], ...] –  Steve Jorgensen Apr 7 '11 at 6:09

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You can pass second parameter in

options_for_select_method(@discount_options, 'bonus')

You can set it by using :discount parameter.

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You should make a reference to the f.object with :selected

    <%= f.select :discount, options_for_select(@frugle_discount_options), :selected => f.object.discount %>
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Here's a great blog post I came across that discusses the use of the various select helpers in rails. Worth a read.


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