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I am parsing XML document in a JavaBean using org.w3c.dom api.

If a Node is an ElementNode then the method node.getNodeName() returns the tagname of the node.

But if i use it on the childnode which has text content, it does not return the tagname. But it returns the nodeType such as #TextNode or #CDATA. But I want to get the TagName of the ChildNode also. I have tried


None of above three methods return the tagname of the child node which has Textcontent. What is the correct method?

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If the node type is coming back as CDATA or TextNode, then the node you're looking at is the text data - it's not the element containing the text data. Therefore that node has no tag name - it's not a tag. You should ask it for its parent node (which will be an element) and find the name of that.

If that doesn't help, please post some sample code (ideally a short but complete console app we can copy, paste, compile and run), the XML you're running it with, the expected output and the actual output.

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Double check the xml document and your code. Your actually looking at a Text Node or a CDATA-section but not at an Element.

You can check this by either doing a

if (childnode.getType != Node.ELEMENT_NODE) {
  System.out.println("Ooops, navigation error, need to turn around");

or by adding some debug code for a moment

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