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I am trying get shift based on current time. i have a shift master which have start time to end time. The shift timing are like follows.

A - 06:00  --  14:00
B - 14:00  --  22:00
C - 22:00  --  06:00

i Will get first two shift based on current time. But i am not getting the third shift. e.g. if Current time is 01.30 then i should get "C" as out

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You forgot to add some SQL that shows your current try. –  Tomalak Apr 7 '11 at 7:35

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You need to handle shifts that wrap to the next day, e.g.

curtime() >= starttime and
curtime() <  if(endtime>starttime,endtime,adddate(endtime,interval 1 day))
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You can add another record for "C" like:

C - 22:00  --  24:00
C - 00:00  --  06:00

Also can create a somewhat complicated SQL:

SELECT shift
FROM table
WHERE end > '1:30'
    AND (
        start <= '1:30'
        start > end
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+1 for interesting logic –  RichardTheKiwi Apr 7 '11 at 7:56

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