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Might sound like a simple question, but I'm stumped.

I've created a gem that essentially contains a generator.

It contains the following structure:

 - generators
    - my_generator
          my_generator_generator.rb (see below)
          - templates
 - my_generator.rb (empty file)
 -test files

However when I add this Gem to my gem file and run rails g, it's not listed. Is there any additional config that I need to do?

My generator roughly looks like this...

class MyGeneratorGenerator < Rails::Generators::NamedBase
      source_root File.expand_path('../templates', __FILE__)
      generator code....

The strange thing is, it works in Cygwin, but not in Ubuntu...

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Is it the same version of ruby / rails? – Mike Farmer Apr 13 '11 at 16:07
Yep. Both ruby 1.8, Rails 3.0 – Yule Apr 14 '11 at 7:46
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This took a little bit for me to figure out, but I've run into the same problem. Here is how I fixed it.

Tree structure looks like this:

  - generators
    - gemname
      - templates
        (template files)

Here's the code for install_generator.rb

require 'rails/generators'
module Gemname
  class InstallGenerator < Rails::Generators::Base
    desc "Some description of my generator here"

    # Commandline options can be defined here using Thor-like options:
    class_option :my_opt, :type => :boolean, :default => false, :desc => "My Option"

    # I can later access that option using:
    # options[:my_opt]

    def self.source_root
      @source_root ||= File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'templates')

    # Generator Code. Remember this is just suped-up Thor so methods are executed in order


When I run rails g

I see:


Some other things you may need to setup:

module Gemname
  require 'gemname/engine' if defined?(Rails)
  # any additional requires


require 'rails'
module Gemname
  class Engine < Rails::Engine

Some good references I've found on this are:

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Thank you. That is awesome. Figured I had to be missing some kind of install file. Given you kudos in source code. Links are useful too thanks. – Yule Apr 14 '11 at 15:22

If you use Railtie, you can define your generator wherever it could be using:

generators do
    require "path/to/my_railtie_generator"

in Railtie class.

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