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I have create a Dialog in my project. Now I have to play video in it. And I have bound Mediacontroller to Videoview. There I meet a problem.

The controller doesn't work. I guess requestFocus() failed. Now I plan to use popupwindow to resolve it, but I still hope someone can tell me how to handle it in simply way.

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Maybe you should create a custom dialog class and override the dispatchTouchEvent method. When you recieve a touch in the dialog bounds use a handler to send the message to your activity to control the video.

public class CustomDialog extends Dialog {

    public boolean dispatchTouchEvent(MotionEvent ev) {
        Rect dialogBounds = new Rect();

        if (dialogBounds.contains((int) ev.getX(), (int) ev.getY())) {

                    //dispatch handler from here


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