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I have a constructor:

public PodLinksActivity( PodLinksPlace place ){
   super( MFactory.getView(), place);
    // other methods

how can I stub the MFactory.getView() static method with PowerMock or PowerMockito (Mockito) for not making a GWTTestCase?


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// view you expect to pass as first super-arg
View view = mock(View.class);

// setup the MFactory class
// mock the method you care about
PowerMockito.when(MFactory.class, "getView").thenReturn(view);

Ensure that you add the appropriate PowerMock annotations at the top of your test class:

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Similarly, you could also use the stubbing API: stub(method(MFactory.class, "getView")).toReturn(view) –  pickypg Apr 13 '11 at 20:07

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