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On some action in my application I need to play a "Boink!" sound (something like the sound of the ball from this video). Sometimes it will be shorter, some other times longer, so I would like to be able to generate it somehow, instead of having to play prerecorded audio files.

I'm familiar with ToneGenerator, but apparently it generates only some predefined sounds (maybe one of these is the sound I need; I haven't checked), so it's not an option.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions ofc, but code samples would be of more interest.

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Can an AudioTrack be an option? You prepare your buffer (sometimes, as you say, for a shorter sound, somethimes for a longer sound) and then you call AudioTrack.write() and then AudioTrack.play(). I have no idea what the buffer should look like though for yuor particular sound but there are similar examples on the net as this one http://www.badlogicgames.com/wordpress/?p=228

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