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struct myStruct
    short int myarr[1000];//want to initialize all elements to 0

How do I initialize the array?

I tried doing short int* myarr[1000]={0} inside the struct but it's wrong. How can I do this? I don't mind doing it in the implementation file. This struct is contained in a header file.

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Use the universal initializer: {0}.

The universal initializer works for anything and initializes the elements to the proper 0 (NULL for pointers, 0 for ints, 0.0 for doubles, ...):

struct myStruct example1 = {0};
struct myStruct example2[42] = {0};
struct myStruct *example3 = {0};

Edit for dynamically allocated objects.

If you're allocating memory dynamically use calloc rather than malloc.

p = malloc(nelems * sizeof *p); /* uninitialized objects; p[2] is indeterminate */
q = calloc(nelems, sizeof *q);  /* initialized to zero; q[2] is all zeros */

With realloc (and possibly other situations) you need to memset.

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If it is declared out of a function (not on the stack), the whole struct will be zeroed at compile time.

Otherwise, you can use memset after declaring it.

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Just initialize an instance of the struct with {0}, this will zero your array as well. Alternatively, use memset as NKCSS demonstrates.

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int's arn't reference types, don't they get initialized after allocating memory for your structure?

You could just do this: memset(&myStruct, 0, sizeof(myStruct));

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