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For the work I am currently doing I need similar functionality as Bittorrent, only difference is I need to do some sort of extra analysis on every block received by client from peers. Though I am fairly new with Python, I found official Bittorrent client source code easy to understand (as compared to Transmission's C source code). But I can't seem to figure out the part in the source code where it deals/handles every block received. It'd be great if anyone, who is acquainted with Bittorrent official client source code (or Transmission), can provide me some pointers for the same.

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You better put the part of code that you don't understand in your question. –  lamwaiman1988 Apr 7 '11 at 9:45
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For Transmission, try looking at libtransmission/peer-mgr.c for code specific to each type of message received from a particular peer. This file represents the peer manager and all communication with it.
It uses libtransmission/peer-msgs.c for handling the exact messages.

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