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I downloaded the latest version of T4MVC 2.6.44 from When I unzipped the file, it has and T4MVC.cs. And I don't see T4MVC.settings.t4. I double checked that the T4MVCVB version has T4MVCVB.settings.t4. I am getting an error saying that T4MVC.settings.t4 is missing while trying to use T4MVC it in my solution.

Any help on this matter is appreciated.

Update: I found the T4MVC.settings.t4 file at:

Does it mean it is not included as part of T4MVC download?

Thanks, eyob

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Sorry, my bad, I just didn't package it correctly last time around. I just fixes it. A couple notes:

  • Most people now get T4MVC via NuGet
  • The settings file is now named (not the extra .tt in there)
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