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I need to check when function was changed last time. I know how to check creation date (it is in function properties window in SQL Server Management Studio).
I found that in SQL Server 2000 it wasn't possible to check modify date ( look at this post: Is it possible to determine when a stored procedure was last modified in SQL Server 2000?)

Is it possible to check it in SQL Server 2008? Does MS add some new feature in system tables that allow to check it?

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SELECT name, create_date, modify_date 
FROM sys.objects
WHERE type = 'P' 

The type for a function is FN rather than P for procedure. Or you can filter on the name column.

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it seems that certain permissions can cause results to be omitted from this query - even though there are some results that return. We have observed different results based on user authority - but I haven't narrowed it down to which authorities are involved. Long story short: run this query as SA if you can to make sure you are seeing everything. – Ryan Guill Jun 25 '12 at 14:33
You are indeed correct. "In SQL Server 2005 and later versions, the visibility of the metadata in catalog views is limited to securables that a user either owns or on which the user has been granted some permission. For more information, see Metadata Visibility Configuration." – Chris Diver Jun 26 '12 at 8:07
Thank you very much! – Ryan Guill Jun 26 '12 at 12:51

Have you tried:

SELECT name, create_date, modify_date
FROM sys.objects
WHERE type = 'P'
AND name = 'myProc'
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This is the correct solution.

SELECT name, create_date, modify_date
FROM sys.objects
WHERE type = 'fn'
AND name = 'fn_NAME'
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I think not, at least not here. SQL Server 2000... there is no "modify_date", only a crdate.

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For SQL 2000 I would use:

SELECT name, crdate, refdate 
FROM sysobjects
WHERE type = 'P' 
ORDER BY refdate desc
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What about 2008..? Isn't that the question..? – NREZ Aug 19 '13 at 9:45
@NREZ queries on sysobjects are supported on 2008 so this will work – Paul Feb 2 at 10:30

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