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Hello everybody well i just had a problem With Shared Object (.so) in REDHAT linux what i want to know is : if i put a new SO in /Lib or /lib64 wich are in the $PATH shal i reboot the server or not... NB : The server is in production and i don't want to reboot it when it's not necessary best regards

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There is no need to reboot. If you put a .so in a non-standard path you may want to list that path in /etc/ld.config or in a file in /etc/ld.config.d and run ldconfig, otherwise users will need to have that path in their LD_LIBRARY_PATH (PATH is irrelevant). If you put the .so in /lib or /lib64, you shouldn't need to do anything else.

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Thank you for your answer...that really helped – black1987 Apr 13 '11 at 14:43

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