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There's a lot of example code out there but I'm not able to find anything that fits the bill exactly. I should explain that I am relatively new to jQuery coding, or HTML for that matter.

I need to create code to display a number of icons (squares) containing graphical content. The icons need to be clickable and the click event captured. The icons themselves should be displayable in (possibly) an invisible grid of 8 x 10 icons, but as the screen is resizable it would be handy if this was dynamic when the screen size was changed. The icons need to possibly change colour when clicked and I may need an option to show some icons in a disabled mode.

Has anyone come across any code which partially fits this requirement?. I'll keep looking but would be oblige if anything springs to mind.

Regards to all.


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Do you have a sketch/screenshot of how this is supposed to look? – Gerben Jacobs Apr 7 '11 at 10:08
<div class="asquare"><img src="/.." /></div>
<div class="asquare"><img src="/.." /></div>


Something along those lines..?

Just read around some of the basic jQuery functions, it's all really easy to follow :)




note: if you want to animate colours, you need jQuery UI

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