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I have 2 following tables:

Users (user_id, user_name, ... )
Photo (photo_id, user_id, ...)

How can I get photo_id, by providing only user_name. Do I need to make 2 queries, first query to get user_id from Users table by providing user_name, and after I get user_id, i should perform second query to get photo_id by providing user_id.

OR this is not good approach, rather I should join the tables and get the photo_id by providing user-name with a single query? How that should be done ? Thanks.

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Why don't you select them my user_id since I guess that each user_name has a unique user_id? – Cristina Apr 7 '11 at 10:52
@Cristina, I get the username from URL with $_GET, and in url I want to have user_name eg. ?user=sudeep instead of id, eg.?user=1 – sudeep Apr 7 '11 at 10:58
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I would do that in a single query, using a join :

select Users.user_id, Photo.photo_id
from Photo
    inner join Users on Users.user_id = Photo.user_id
where Users.user_name = 'YOUR NAME HERE'

Note : I selected the user_id, as several users can have the same name (maybe)

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SELECT u.user_id, p.photo_id FROM users AS u INNER JOIN photo AS p ON u.user_id = p.user_id WHERE u.user_name = '$username';

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This is what joins are for:

select u.*, p.* from users u join photo p on p.user_id =
where u.user_name = 'the name'

Making two queries in this case will decrease performance significantly because of the overhead of your source code submitting the query to the database engine, that query compiling etc.

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